How To Wipe Out That Midday Brain Fog

It’s an hour or two after lunch; you feel the need to grab that X Hour Energy buzz to survive the rest of the day.  You feel a slight rush of vitality…but something is still off.  You're somewhat energized, but still not yourself. There is a sort of a brain fog that envelops you. 

Tell me this isn’t you sometime during the day…

You’re off. 

You’re tired and that makes you easily annoyed. You’re having problems concentrating and a little distracted. You’re a little lost.

You know you shouldn't turn to energy drinks and supplements day after day…there's the natural energy teas and other more healthy options but those don't re-wire your whole body and mind to feel better and energized, and that's what you really need; a realistic way to feel like your natural strong, vital self. 

Brain fog apparently is a thing.  There is an answer! 

Get UP.  You need to move your body

This is the hard part. Your body wants to just sit and sink into a chair. 

Don’t give in.

Your body needs movement and your soul needs to relax and be at peace, not the other way around. Ok now what should you do? Running is a bit much, you have too much to do to come back all sweaty. Swimming would be refreshing but then you'd need to shower and it all takes too much time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go out and get a quick paddle boarding session? No place to go around work…

Here is an alternative:

Go Land paddling!  Land paddling is a fun way to get outside and get a quick, fun energy blast. You get on a big longboard, rather than pushing with your foot, you grab a land paddle and go!

Each stroke takes away your stress, energizes your whole body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  As you stroke across the streets, your mind settles down.

There is something about board riding. When you ride your troubles vanish. Your mind and soul, for an instant, connect with something deep inside of you.  Energy that has been zapped from your being starts to fill up as you paddle.  You start to feel the movement under your feet, the wind in your face, and the connection between your entire body as you paddle.  It’s truly a thing of beauty to ride. 

Whether you go out for 2 minutes or 2 miles, when you get back, you are ready to hit the day hard again. 

Kahuna Creations has created resources to get you started. Land Paddling 101 online courses are available for easy-to-learn process to get going. The learning curve is quite quick…nothing like snowboarding. Land paddling videos show the progression of the activity.

You may tell yourself, “self, I am too old to do this and I don’t want to fall”. In fact, after several user studies, the median age for a Kahuna Creations land paddling user is 44. The bulk of our users are in their 30s, 40s and 50s. With the Kahuna Creations’ land paddle, you don’t fall! Since your feet are planted securely on the longboard, your body is free to paddle and glide. If you become a bit off balance, you have that third point of contact to catch yourself. On the swing side, if you're already a board rider, having a land paddle makes inaccessible paths free to ride!

To make it easier to get rolling, here is a 45% off discount code just for you.

Go to and use the discount code: LINKEDIN  (USA/Canada)

Now go ride!



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