Kahuna Creations is all about having fun riding. Get out and be a Kahuna Board Rider! We would like to thank @culturedcivilization for creating this video.

Kahuna Creations: Street Surfing

Nothing like an awesome longboard video. Kahuna Creations board rider Chase Wilson carves up the streets.. Steez all around. Featuring "Run Run" by The Rival.

Kahuna Creations: Land Paddling

Kahuna Creations is the inventor of the emerging fitness trend, Land Paddling or Street SUP. With the Kahuna Stick, you can paddle the streets and get a rush as you build upper body and core strength.

Kahuna Board Riders

The Kahuna Creations® Board Riding Team hitting the streets with the Kahuna Stick and showing what Land Paddling is all about.

Bombora Longboard Dancing

The Kahuna Creations Bombora Longboard is the best longboard for cruising period! Laurent Perigault is an expert Street Surfer rocking the Bombora 59" Longboard. Filmed by Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi. Music by Dusty Springfield.

Kahuna Creations Land Paddling Intro

Check out our video Intro To Kahuna Creations Land Paddling. Change up your stale workout routine! Land Paddling is an impressive total body workout that’s actually fun!

Endorsed by SUP World Champion Tom Ameije

Tom shows how he cross trains and has fun land paddling with his Kahuna Creations gear.


Bulgaria's own superstar Angel Kovachev, produced his latest music video featuring the love of the Bulgarian countryside as well as Kahuna Creations board riding!

SUP Cross-Training

Champion Paddle Surfers Rob Rojas and Chuck Patterson try Land Paddling for the first time. Champions on the water, these guys take the paddling to the land and absolutely love it. "It's the funnest thing that I've done in a long time." -Rob Rojas

Snow SUP

Kahuna Creations takes snowboarding to the next level with the Kahuna Snow Stick. Snow SUP with the Kahuna Snow Stick allows you to work your upper body making flat terrains fast. Use the Snow Stick while carving down the mountain to increase control and power.

Kahuna Creations on the Today Show

Kathie Lee and Hoda learning how to Land Paddle with the guys at Kahuna Creations.

Tribute to Buttons Kaluhiokalani

Surfing legend Buttons Kaluhiokalani rocks out on Kahuna Creations and the Kahuna Stick. You are missed!

Bronco Mendenhall – Virginia Cavaliers and BYU Football Coach

Great review of the Kahuna Creations' products. Great way to clear your mind, have fun and get a great workout.

Kahuna Snow Stick in the French Alps

Unique fun time using the Kahuna Snow Stick in the French Alps!