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Q: Hey I like a lot of the designs and artwork on your boards/sticks, is there a way that I could submit anything to possibly be used?

A: Yes, You can email your art, designs etc to info@kahunacreations.com. That way our art department can go over it and reach out to you if they like it.

Q: Does Kahuna Creations offer any pre-orders on products?

A: Unfortunately, we do not do pre-orders for any of our products. Please keep an eye out on our website and social media for new stock coming in. Also sign up for our email newsletter to get stock updates.

Q: Hey my trucks started making a squeaking noise when I turn, how can I fix this?

A: Squeaks happen! It happens when your truck pivot cup dries out. The simple fix for this is to add some shavings off a soap bar or pencil lead in the pivot cup area, and then reassemble your trucks.

We know this sounds like a weird fix, but we promise it works. Soap or pencil lead act as a dry lubricant in the pivot cup. Using grease or other fluid lubricants can attract dirt. Soap or pencil lead will do the trick and not cause undo maintenance or cleaning down the road. 

Q: The wood grain/graphic colors on the board I received are slightly different from the pictures on the website. What happened?

A: Sometimes our products, specifically the decks themselves will vary slightly in color from what the product pictures show. We want to clarify that this is not a quality control (QC) issue, it is just the nature of using natural 100% maple wood to make skateboard decks as the wood can uniquely affect the graphic process.  It’s also worth noting that computer screen settings can affect product colors.

Q: Are your trucks/wheels/bearings sold in sets or individually?

A: We sell all our hardware in sets [trucks (2), Wheels (4) and Bearings (8)]. Enough for one skateboard set up.

Q: What does complete longboard setup consist of?

A: Our completes come with everything you need to ride right out of the box.

 Longboard deck, which always comes with grip applied (except Bombora).

Wheels (set of 4)

Bearings (8 in total, 2 for each wheel)

Assembly hardware (8 bolts with locking nuts)

Riser pads (2+ depending on the longboard)

Q: If I order hardware (a board, trucks, wheels or bearings) for my setup, will it come with hardware for mounting?

A: No, we do not ship hardware out with any other components. You will have to purchase hardware and/or riser pads separately. Contact us and we can help you buy the correct hardware.

Q: Can I get custom graphics on my longboard?

A: Unfortunately no, we cannot put custom graphics on our longboards.

Q: What is the difference between the GenV Blade and Pro Grip?

A: The difference between the GenV Blade and Pro Grip is: 

The GenV Blade is more ergonomic and rolls through your paddle stroke. The GenV Blade is great for long distance land paddling sessions.

The Pro Grip is more durable, because you can take the rubber donut grips off and rotate them, if you ever develop flat spots. The Pro Grip is great if you are going to be braking a lot.


If you have any questions about Kahuna Creations products, please email us at info@kahunacreations.com or call 310-692-1470.

Our office hours are 9am to 4pm PST (M-F).