Land Paddling 101

Choosing a Kahuna Stick 

In this episode we are going over the basics of how to choose the right Kahuna Stick for you.


Foot Placement and Riding Style

This episode we will teach you how to determine which foot you should lead with when riding your board.

Regular - Left foot forward
Goofy - Right foot forward


How to Get On Your Board

Now that you know what the appropriate Kahuna Stick is for you, and you know which foot to place forward when you're riding, learn how to get on your board for the first time.

 How to Stop

Learn how to stop when land paddling.

  1. Ride it out
  2. Turn up hill
  3. Use the Kahuna Stick as a break (Lean back and press the blade of the Kahuna Stick into the ground)
  4. Carve to reduce speed until you come to a stop

How to Paddle

  1. Keep your eye on the horizon
  2. Keep the road blade parallel with the longboard
  3. Roll the Road Blade like a car tire as you push off the ground.

*(Make sure to paddle far enough away from the wheels in order to avoid abrupt stops)

How to Perfect Your Stroke

This episode we go over how to perfect your stoke and how to get the most out of every paddle.

How to Backside Paddle 

This episode demonstrates how to perfect your paddle and develop backside paddling technique.

  1. Open up your stance
  2. Point your lead foot straight ahead
  3. Square your shoulders facing forward
  4. Transition the paddle from front to backside

How to Carve

Carving is a method to increase control and speed. Turn heelside and toeside. Practice until confident.

How to Ride SUP Style

This is for expert riders only. Once you have mastered surf style riding, SUP style riding is a fun variant. Riding with you feet together or slightly staggered for better balance, shoulder width apart, facing forward.

Land Paddling 101 Playlist

Watch the complete Land Paddling 101 playlist here and get ahead of the game.