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Aloha Kahuna board riders! The excitement is building at Kahuna Creations and now that Spring is here, we can ride to our heart's content. If you haven't already, dust off your boards and Kahuna Sticks and enjoy the freedom your board brings. We wish all of our adventurous 'ohana the best riding ever in 2015. Kahuna Creations New Snapback Hat! The new Kahuna Creations Snapback Hat is making a huge splash. This new addition to the apparel line is perfect for both male and female riders. Its unique design will score you major style points and is a must add to any hat...

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Aloha Kahuna board riders! January has been full of fun and excitement at Kahuna Creations. This time of year is all about getting out and board riding. We wish all of our adventurous 'ohana the best riding ever in 2015. Fresh New Kahuna Creations Logo The shield is depicted on the beloved Hawaiian Kahili Flag. It represents the symbol of the flag that was burned and destroyed by the invaders of the islands. The surfing symbol represents the Ki'i Pohaku petroglyphs carved by the ancient hawaiian board riders. Kahuna Creations pays tribute to those whom started it all. The silhouette of the...

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