Newsletter March & April 2015

Aloha Kahuna board riders! The excitement is building at Kahuna Creations and now that Spring is here, we can ride to our heart's content. If you haven't already, dust off your boards and Kahuna Sticks and enjoy the freedom your board brings. We wish all of our adventurous 'ohana the best riding ever in 2015.

Kahuna Creations New Snapback Hat!

The new Kahuna Creations Snapback Hat is making a huge splash. This new addition to the apparel line is perfect for both male and female riders. Its unique design will score you major style points and is a must add to any hat collection. Our hat features the Kahuna Creations logo on the front, paying tribute to the first Hawaiian board riders. The kiwi green Kahuna Creations stripe on the side adds flare and makes the hat one of a kind.


Kahuna Creations Saves the Day on CBS's "Scorpion"

Spoiler alert, Kahuna Creations saves the day on the action packed CBS television series Scorpion. Two 59" Bombora Longboards were used to save the Scorpion team from certain death. Scorpion producers contacted Kahuna Creations to use our boards and make this episode a success. We were happy to be part of such an awesome production. Check out the full episode "Crossroads", or watch the action packed scene Out of Control & Near Death Experience.

New Haka Moko Board Shape!

At Kahuna Creations we are always innovating and looking for ways to improve our products to enhance the board riding experience. Our latest and greatest is the new Haka Moko board shape. The new shape has a heavy concave that flattens out towards the back of the board to enhance your turning power and stability as you ride. The back end was widened to add the classic moon tail design mimicing the classic surfboard shape. Due to popular demand we have kept the current Haka Moko blue and black Māori design.

The new board is available to the public now! Be the first to experience the fresh new feel of the Haka Moko Cruiser!

Flowrider Competition Sponsor

Kahuna Creations was happy to be a prize sponsor at the big March Madness Flowrider Competition in Ogden, UT. There were a lot of talented athletes that competed for the Kahuna Creations grand prize.

"Kahuna Creations has always been such a great sponsor and supporter of the Flowboarding events at Flowrider Utah. There seems to be a similar culture and vibe across the multiple board sports scene and promoting each discipline is a great way to grow the passion and participation in events across the globe."

"Kahuna longboards are always a treasured prize at our events. At our March Madness contest this year we picked the SemiPro division winner as the recipient of the coveted longboard. It was a hard fought battle for first place between Ogden local female pro Dee Spencer and ProvoBeach up and comer Jordan Munoa. Both have a strong skateboarding background and have gained a passion for flowboarding. Dee won the first event in Ogden while Jordan took first place at his home wave Provo Beach. So we had the luxury of watching these two go head to head in a championship flow off to see who would take home the overall title. Dee came out strong with some solid big spins as well as a kick flip in her first run but ended up falling on another technical trick while she was trying to put pressure on Jordan. Jordan has major style and boosts some high ollies and shuvits with his signature grabs. He also was able to stick some big spins and a very clean kick flip to take home the win and the Kahuna Longboard. We look forward to future events and a continued partnership with Kahuna Creations."
-Shaun Hancock, Manager Flowrider Utah

Shop of the Month - Innerlight Surf Shop

Kahuna Creations is proud to announce Innerlight Surf Shop as the Kahuna Creations Shop of the Month. Innerlight Surf Shop has a goal to truly earn their title as "The Surfer’s Surf Shop". They’ve grown up with the surf industry and because of that they know products and services inside out and strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends and technologies. For this reason they've added Kahuna Creations Longboards and Land Paddles to their elite surf product lineup.

Started in 1969 by founder Yancy Spencer, Innerlight grew from a 400 sq ft cinder block building…into 4 locations from Pensacola, FL to Destin, FL.  Yancy passed away in February of 2011 after surfing all day at one of his favorite spots in California.  Since then the torch has been passed on to his family to continue in the same path.  Innerlight is very involved with it’s community and sponsors many events, schools, and teams.  Stop by any location and you will see why many people, including Kahuna Creations see Innerlight as a second home.

100,000 Facebook Followers

Thanks so much for all the support over the years. Kahuna Creations has grown to a worldwide brand thanks to you!

Kahuna Board riders span the globe. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our riders share a joyful smile when they ride Kahuna Creations' products.   
We are living our dream! Thanks for being a part of the Kahuna Creations' Ohana!
Steve McBride
Kahuna Creations Inc.

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