Newsletter January and February 2015

Aloha Kahuna board riders! January has been full of fun and excitement at Kahuna Creations. This time of year is all about getting out and board riding. We wish all of our adventurous 'ohana the best riding ever in 2015.

Fresh New Kahuna Creations Logo

The shield is depicted on the beloved Hawaiian Kahili Flag. It represents the symbol of the flag that was burned and destroyed by the invaders of the islands. The surfing symbol represents the Ki'i Pohaku petroglyphs carved by the ancient hawaiian board riders. Kahuna Creations pays tribute to those whom started it all. The silhouette of the Hawaiian Islands represents the love we all share for Hawaii. The circle circumscribed on the logo depicts the circle of life and how our love for board riding runs through the beloved Hawaiian Islands. The Spirit of Aloha runs deep in all of us...Long Live Hawaii!

Kahuna Creations New Video: The Longboard Life

Northern California has never looked so good. We had an awesome time shooting this video highlighting our master crafted longboards. Board rider Chase Wilson was the featured rider in "The Longboard Life" production. This video showed the versatility of our boards which were used to bomb hills, longboard dance, cruise, and surf the street.

Surf Expo January 2015

Another year means another awesome trip to Orlando, Florida to show off Kahuna Creations longboards and Kahuna Sticks. Everyone was stoked to come see us in Orlando for the January 2015 Surf Expo. The Shaka Longboard Series appeared for the first time at the Surf Expo and received a warm welcome by retailers and industry insiders alike.

As always we were one of the most talked about products at the show and once again made an appearance in the Surf Expo recap video at 0:50.


The Crowds Award

Kahuna Creations is stoked to start the year strong with The Crowds Award from! Kahuna Creations takes the win out of the ‘Sport, Surfing & Skateboarding’ category for our lineup of Longboards and Land Paddles.

Kahuna Creations was recognized for making solid boards since 2004; being called master longboard crafters and inventors of the Land Paddle. describes Kahuna Creations as an establishment that “provides surfers all over the world with an alternate way to surf on land”. Kahuna Creations loves being a part of the worldwide surfing community and is proud to accept The Crowds Award.

Shop of the Month - Ohana Fun Company

Our Shop of the Month is the Ohana Fun Company! As kindred Hawaiian spirits, “ohana” is the Hawaiian word for ‘family’, and representing Ohana, is Matthew Morphy of Carpinteria, California, who loves sharing the spirit of Land Paddling with friends and family.

“I gave Kahuna Sticks to my family years ago and it was a pleasure to bring them into our new store, Ohana Fun Company. They are literally ‘fun for the entire family’ and have re-invigorated me with skateboarding,” says Morphy. “Our customers love the idea of Land Paddling, and bring their love of ocean sports to the streets on Kahuna Creations' longboards."

Thank you Ohana Fun Company, and happy riding!

SUP Chicks Valentine's Day Event

Kahuna Creations had the pleasure of spending this Valentine's Day with the beautiful women of the SoCal SUP Chicks.  It was an early morning down at the Bahia Resort in Mission Beach San Diego, as the ladies headed out for their morning paddle.  Upon their return to the shore they were met by Kahuna Creations with a whole array of long boards and Kahuna Sticks for them to demo.

Southern California SUP Chicks

The women could not resist the calling of the Kahuna Stick and immediately went from water to land and begin land paddling around. It was so much fun to see the women ripping around the parking lot and killing it with the Kahuna Stick.  Big smiles were shared all around, as some riders basked in the nostalgia of getting back on a longboard.

Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend Valentines Day.  We even got one member's 4 year old daughter, Lylie, cruising around with a Kahuna Stick and longboard. Adorable! Can't for next year!

Kahuna Creations is Taking Off in Chile

Kahuna Creations is getting major international exposure teaming up with Johnny Rockets and Toro Santo in the upcoming Tarp Surfing Kahuna Creations Video.

We are anxiously waiting for the release of the epic tarp wave surfing video, but until then we can recall the previous video that Johnny Rockets Chile produced promoting Kahuna Creations.

"You Deserve Summer, But Until Then Kahuna Creations Will Take You There."

Board Rider of the Month - Tati Coco

Kahuna Creations Board Rider of the Month Tati Coco

Hails from: Southern Spain

We are so excited this month to talk to the very rad Tati Coco! Tati is a language teacher, but also sees herself as an explorer, and loves to travel and live in a lot of different countries. She has been riding Kahuna boards for two years now, and rocks the Bombora/Kahuna Stick set up. Coco says she rides all the Kahuna boards, and also really loves the Black Wave drop deck board.

When faced with set backs to riding, Tati has come back with optimism and pure love for boarding. Coco says, “I had just learned to ride, and the second day I went straight to the hospital with a big surgery on my wrist”. Sports were out of the question for the next seven months. “After that, lots of people told me that skating was not for me, but for teenagers.” Tati says she overcame criticism, got back on the board and learned to ride and start doing little tricks. That’s what it’s all about.

Now she expects to keep pushing the envelope on board riding, “with time and perseverance.” Coco explains, “I just love to ride anywhere and discover new spots.”

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