Kahuna Physical Education Program

Land Paddling

Land Paddling is an exciting, fun, and inclusive physical activity. Students strengthen their core, build lean muscle, learn balance, and gain confidence.

What Educators Are Saying

It's for Everyone

The Kahuna Stick makes riding fun for boys and girls, young and old, experienced and beginners. Those unsure or nervous about longboarding feel safe as they use the Kahuna Stick to balance and as a brake. The most intimidated students or even those with mild disabilities love discovering they can excel. It's a great way for students to gain confidence at their own pace.

by Dr. David Barney and High School PE Teacher, Robyn Bretzing

CLICK HERE for Kahuna Creations' LANDPADDLING 101 video learning classes.
Great resource for learning the step by step process to learn how to land paddle.

It's Healthy

Land Paddling strengthens your entire body: chest, shoulders, arms, legs, back, and abs. Land paddling strengthens and tones these muscles and is an incredible cardiovascular workout. While Land Paddling, students have so much fun they love working out!

Land Paddling Created by Kahuna Creations

Kahuna Creations invented land paddling in the early 2000's. Kahuna Creations is the sole source for land paddling. 100's of school (universities, high school,s middle schools and Elementary schools) have introduced Kahuna Creations' land paddling to the students. Students, parents, teachers and administrators love it for many reasons including:

  • "Exercising by disguise" Students love landpaddling and get a great workout.
  • Incentive. Teachers are able to use landpaddling as a reward for good behavior because the students absolutely love it.
  • Super easy for teachers to get started and begin landpaddling in school (see curriculum)
  • Safe. Much safer than skateboarding because of the land paddle. Landpaddling keeps the students from falling by centering themselves on the board and learning to paddle. If the student is about to fall, they are able to catch themselves with the paddle.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use. Great for use on an outdoor playground or safe for inside in the gymnasium or lunch room. Floor friendly
  • Reach all students. It is truly incredible that the boys and girls really love it. Students that typically do not participate absolutely love land paddling.
  • Great cross training for paddleboarding and gives a great upper body workout.

Free Curriculum for Educators

Our full curriculum aids instructors to integrate Land Paddling into their classes. 

CLICK HERE to download the Curriculum.

Education curriculum includes:

  • Proper Safety Equipment
  • Finding Your Riding Style
  • Getting on and off the Board
  • Sizing your Land Paddle
  • Proper Stance
  • Holding the Land Paddle
  • Turning and Braking
  • Front and Back Side Paddling

Pricing is valid for schools, educators, colleagues and students

Please contact us for information and to get started.

Call 310-692-1470 or email info@kahunacreations.com to answer your questions and send the Education Order Form and Price List. Educators get incredible discounts to help introduce the products into your school.

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