DECK ONLY Pohaku Wahine Rider 46" - 2nd
DECK ONLY Pohaku Wahine Rider 46" - 2nd

DECK ONLY Pohaku Wahine Rider 46" - 2nd

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This boards rides like a dream but has to be discounted due to superficial blemishes (scratches, dents, missing paint and graphic defects).


The Kahuna Creations' Pohaku Wahine Rider Beach Board 48" is designed as our most fun and playful cruiser longboard for everyone! The shape and style feature a sweet mild spoon concave shape that flattens towards the fish tail. The shape also features a flexy, fun ride that is perfect to ride anywhere. This longboard is great for anyone that just wants to cruise and have a good time with a sweet shape and tribal graphics.

The Pohaku graphics are based on the ancient Ki'i Pohaku petroglyphs engraved in rock centuries ago in the islands. The Wahine Rider longboard displays the sacred "Hano" turtles. The Pohaku Wahine Rider features original artwork by surfboard artist David Ray Gould. David Ray pays tribute of those Hawaiian Board Riders of centuries past.

Deck Specs:

Length: 46"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 34"
Wood: 8 ply Maple


Silica Sand Grip
Concaved board shape that flattens out on the tail for optimal control
300 pound recommended weight limit

**Discount codes cannot be applied to 2nd/Blemished products**

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