DECK ONLY Shaka Kahili 46"
DECK ONLY Shaka Kahili 46"
DECK ONLY Shaka Kahili 46"

DECK ONLY Shaka Kahili 46"

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Deck Only. Holes drilled, Grip applied, no hardware installed. Deck Only.

The Kahuna Creations' Shaka Longboards are Kahuna Creations' crown jewels of the product line up.  There is nothing like riding this board because of the incredible shape and setup.  The shape features a 14" wide deck with a huge rocker shape (the tip and tail bend upwards).  The shape is engineered to provide the smoothest ride and deliver deep carving action.  The wide footprint along with the rocker shape gives the riders such a smooth ride and ultimate control.  

If you want a board that is perfect for landpaddling, the Shaka is the board for you.  

The Shaka Kahili Longboard pays tribute to the original Hawaiian Flag the Kahili Flag.  The invaders of the Islands burned and destroyed the Kahili Flag attempting to destroy the Hawaiian culture and history.  The Kahili Flag is BACK!  The Shaka Kahili shows off elements of the flag that started it all.  Next time you visit Hawaii, pay attention to the Hawaiians proudly displaying the Kahili Flag.  

This longboard is a true, soulful board that will be cherished for many many years.

  • 46" Long x 14" Wide
  • Wheelbase: 29"
  • Weight 13 LBS
  • Maple 9 Ply
  • Silica Sand Grip
  • Surfboard Style Rocker Shape (Tip and Tail Curved Up)
  • 400 pound recommended weight limit

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