2016 New Year Newsletter

Aloha Kahuna Boardriders!  2015 has been an incredible year full of fun and love.  We are looking forward to an epic 2016!  Have fun, enjoy riding and share the love of Kahuna Creations board riding.


Kahuna Creations Welcomes
World SUP Champion
Tom Ameije to the team! 


Belgium's own Tom Ameije won the Long Distance SUP world championship in Amsterdam last year. We would like to welcome Tom as a Kahuna Creations' Team Rider! Tom loves cross training with the Kahuna Creations' Shaka Longboards and Adjustable Kahuna Sticks.  Check out the photos of Tom tearing it up with Kahuna Creations. Tom says, "Kahuna Creations Shaka boards and Kahuna Sticks are a perfect cross trainer for paddleboarding.  I love Kahuna Creations' landpaddling just as much as SUP in the water! Fun year round action! and great cross trainer for SUP!" 

David Ray Gould
Kahuna Creations Master Artist


The soulful artwork of David Ray Gould has been featured on Kahuna Creations Surfboards, Longboards and Kahuna Sticks for over ten years.  David's unique art ranges from his bold depictions of the ancient Ki'i Pohaku Hawaiian Petroglyphs to his soulful artwork featured on the Bamboo Drop Deck.  

When asked about his artistic inspiration David said, “when I think about designs for Kahuna Boards, it all starts with the feeling I get when I ride.  I am able to let everything go that is weighing on me in life, for the time I go riding.  I feel like I am able to get my life back in sync.  My designs reflect that feeling of my love of board riding.”
David went on to explain some of his artwork.  “The Bamboo Drop Deck design weaves the "Zen" into the artwork by creating the bamboo art with the Chinese figures. The lettering means "circle of life".  The Hydro design shows a cross section of a wave which depicts the movement of board riding to a deeper level.  Not only what you see above the wave, but also what you don't see below the surface is what makes the wave.  As you look at the history of the world, the first people on earth that actually invented a sport that had no purpose other than spirituality and fun are the ancient Hawaiians. The Hawaiians, if you think about it, are the inventors of fun! I weave the ancient Hawaiian images within the artwork to pay tribute to the ancient Hawaiians.”

Thanks David for your many years of delivering incredible artwork.


Kahuna Creations in Bulgaria
Kahuna Board Rider Angel Kovachev

Bulgaria's own superstart Angel Kovachev, produced his latest music video featuring the love of the Bulgarian countryside as well as Kahuna Creations board riding!  Special thanks for our distributor, Kahuna Bulgaria for spreading the stoke!

Kahuna Snow Stick 

With all the amazing snow this year, it's not too late to try out a Kahuna Snow stick.  The Kahuna Snow Stick is the perfect tool to carve even harder on the mountain slopes!  It's super fun for both hard core riders who like adventure and trying new tricks to beginners who don't like being stuck on the flats. If you already have any of our Kahuna Sticks, the Snow Grip is made to be interchangeable with the Road Blade.  Simply remove your Kahuna Road Blade and replace it with the Snow Grip for great snow action.  When the snow melts, put the Road Blade back on.  Once you try it out, post or send us your fun action shots.


Featured Shop
Into The Blue
Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

Next time you are in the Florida Panhandle, check out Into The Blue Surf & Sport!  The store opened three years ago with only three surfboards, some tee shirts and stickers and a logo drawn on the floor. The store has grown into a full service board shop selling hundreds of top quality paddleboards, skateboards, skimboards, surfboards, apparel and accessories. They strive to make a lasting impression on each person that walks through their doors and make it a point to be Panama City Beaches premier core board store.

Into The Blue is dedicated to the local community and the love of the board riding. A majority of their proceeds go back to the community through charities such as Autism Surf, Wounded Warrior and Food For Kids.  Into The Blue is also involved in numerous sponsored local events and activities.

"Longboard skateboards have been a big hit for us and always will be.  Being on these flatlands in the Panhandle, Kahuna Creations products are a big success in our store. Locals want to cruise and carve on longboards and what better way to do that then to land paddle with a beautiful Kahuna Creation Board and Kahuna Stick that we always have on hand. Peace, Love an Good Vibes from ITB."  Store Owner Tony Banks


Kahuna Creations
Board Rider Spotlight
Jeff Julian

Jeff Julian (on left) met up with us at the Kahuna Creations' headquarters to do some riding!  Kahuna Creations owner Steve McBride and Jeff were surfing buddies in Oahu over 30 years ago where they went to college.  Steve said that it was Jeff who taught him how to really surf and learn to charge the lineup.  “Jeff took me to all the big breaks in Hawaii as well as some sweet secret shark infested spots where he grew up. It was funny, I didn't know those surf spots were shark infested till we met up and talked about old times.”  Jeff is a true artist on the waves with his unique and beautiful surfing style.  He also loves Kahuna Creations' board riding.  Here is a video of him just cruising by our local river...he still has the moves!  
Mahalos for checking out our newsletter! 

Spread the love!  We love you!
Much Aloha,

Kahuna Creations

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