Kahuna Creations Summer Newsletter

Aloha Kahuna board riders! Summer is finally here. The sun is out and the weather is hot, perfect for those summer nights rides. Thank you for spreading the Kahuna Creations love.

The NEW Haka Longboard Shape and Design!


All of us at Kahuna Creations are stoked about our new longboard shapes and designs. The Haka Longboard series has been completely reinvented! Introducing the Haka Neo, Haka Natural & the new and improved Haka Cruiser. The new Haka Neo and Haka Natural are stunning boards repping the Kahuna Creations Hawaiian petroglyph motif. The Haka Cruiser was redesigned with deep dark green artwork to mimic genuine tribal tattoos. The Haka boards are designed by surfboard and longboard artist David Ray Gould.

Haka NaturalHaka Cruiser

 The Haka longboard is 47" long x 10" wide and is 1/2" thick (8 ply). The new shape has a heavy concave that flattens out towards the back of the board to enhance the turning power and stability as you ride. The back end was widened to add the classic moon tail design mimicking the classic surfboard shape. Everyone has been loving the new designs and shape of these boards.

Battling Cystic Fibrosis with Kahuna Creations

Stephen Sottile riding Kahuna Creations

Introducing Stephen Sottile, Kahuna Creations board rider and survivor of Cystic Frbrosis. "I was born with a genetic disease of Cystic Fibrosis that affects approximately 30,000 people nationally. Unfortunately most people with this disease do not live up to 30 years of age. Cystic Fibrosis thickens the body's mucus, damaging lung tissue and impairing normal digestive function and other frightening conditions. I was diagnosed at 3 months of age. The doctors told my parents that I would more than likely not live past ten years of age. Much to their surprise I am 52 years old. I started skateboarding in 1978 in neighborhood pools and homemade ramps. I progressed into surfing and surfed in the NSSA and started surfing competitively in the 1980's and was sponsored by Victory Wetsuits and IG surfboards."

Stephen Sottile riding the BomboraStephen Sottile riding the Bombora
"While searching the internet I found Kahuna Creations longboards, I ordered the Bombora 59" longboard with the adjustable Kahuna Stick, the Haka. I find that riding the Kahuna Creation skateboard is fantastic exercise and helps improve upper body strength and mainly helps produce airway clearance which helps my breathing and endurance. My wife follows me on her bike while we cruise the North Shore of Oahu and also Kapolei where we reside. I whole heartedly recommend Kahuna Creations Skateboards for great exercise and recreation."

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Stephen Sottile

The Hydro and Surf Rider Have a New Look

The Hydro and Surf Rider Longboards have new and improved shapes! We are continually evolving here at Kahuna Creations, and we've made major improvements to both the Hydro and Surf Rider to enhance your ride.

Hydro Longboard

The Hydro's tail has been widened for better control and the front now has a performance surf board shape with the tip curved up. The Hydro's large concave makes this board the most responsive board available. This is perfect for carving tight turns and riding steep hills. The Hydro is one of the most stable rides as well. It is also perfect for beginners making it extremely easy to learn how to turn while staying in control.

Pohaku Surf Rider Longboard

The Pohaku Surf Rider has a completely new feel to it. It still has some flex, but now it has a lot more stability. A little rocker was added for a smooth easy going ride. We added a heavy concave to the deck to increase turning responsiveness. The concaveflattens out on the tail for optimal control. This board is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

Park City SUP Festival - Land Paddle Competition 

Park City SUP Land Paddle Competition

Park City SUP put on an amazing SUP paddleboard event at Jordanelle State Park near Park City, Utah. Participants came from all over including pro standup paddleboarder Trent Hickman. Champions were made on the water and the road. The Kahuna Creations Land Paddle competition was a time trial open to all festival registrants.







We would like to congratulate Bill Fowler who won the Park City SUP Land Paddle Competition traveling 0.3 miles in 47.72 seconds.

Park City SUP Festival

Bulgarian Singer Reps Kahuna Creations

Bulgaria Singer reps Kahuna Creations

Popular Bulgarian signer, Angel Kovachev, represents Kahuna Creations as he is interviewed about his latest hit single "Free". He is the face of Kahuna Creations and the sport of land paddling in Bulgaria. Kahuna Creations is exploding across Europe and has a large fan base in Bulgaria! If you understand Bulgarian, check out Angel's interview.

Bulgarian Singer Reps Kahuna Creations

Kahuna Creations Shop Highlight - BCN by Skate - Barcelona, Spain

BCN by Skate Barcelona

"BCN by Skate is the first Kahuna Creations shop to rent and sell in Barcelona, Spain! Lora & Ben, from the west coast of France (Hossegor), always lived in the world of board riding. After finding a large selection of land paddles from Kahuna Creations, they wanted just one thing...to share the awesome feeling you get when you ride with everyone! That's why they opened BCN by Skate in Barcelona, the European capital of skateboarding.

Subscribe to their Paddle Skate courses on every Wednesday!

Mahalo from Barcelona!"
Benoit Sablon
BCN by Skate

Spain BCN by Skate

Land Paddling 101 - Tutorial Videos

Our new tutorial videos walk you through each step of how to land paddle. We start from the beginning teaching you how to choose a Kahuna Stick, which foot is your lead foot, and how to get on your board.

Once you get down the basics we go through how to perfect your stroke, backside paddle, and how to stop.

We hope these tutorial videos are useful to you and help you master the art of land paddling. Practice makes perfect! Mahalo!

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