4 Reasons Why Paddleboarders Should Land Paddle with Kahuna Creations!

Have you felt the stoke of cranking back on your board, laying out your paddle, and feeling your entire body glide? When you capture the thrill of either stand-up paddleboarding or Kahuna Creations land paddling you finally feel alive. I have been paddling for over 13 years. Land Paddling got me into stand-up paddleboarding, and it’s amazing how much the two sports parallel each other. Not only does Land Paddling feel like stand-up paddleboarding, it actually conditions your body for paddleboarding in very unique ways. Here’s how:

Reason 1. The perfect workout

Riding a longboard equipped with a Kahuna Stick gives you a complete, all-body workout. It’s a workout you can modify at your own will. You want a killer, muscle ripping workout? Try racing up hills. You want a mild, light workout? Coast down any beach boardwalk or bike trail, keeping at a moderate pace.


All these workouts transition into paddleboarding. You’re building your core, arms, chest, and back. You may not expect it, but you also work your legs. Most people are shocked that after a solid Land Paddle ride, their legs are sore. Whenever you ride, there is so much up-and-down, side-to-side movement that your legs are fully strengthened.


But wait for my favorite part of the Kahuna workout: the abs. With both Land Paddling and stand-up paddleboarding there is a tremendous amount of ab work, since you are essentially doing a million sit-ups to propel yourself (especially if you’re in good form). HOWEVER, when you are riding the street, you have a lot more force going downward than you do on the water. What does that mean? Your abs are forced to work harder in a downward motion on land than in the water. This downward force transfers into ripped abs. Not only does it give you more power for paddleboarding, it gives you an insane six pack.


Reason 2.  Balance

I’ve been shocked at how bad 90% of the world’s balance is. However, almost everyone can Land Paddle without any problem. Trust me. I have literally taught tens of thousands of people how to longboard with a Kahuna Stick. Most people are hesitant to start riding, but when they step foot on a board, I usually can’t get them off. Once people start riding, they turn, carve, and dramatically improve their balance. It helped me get my balance nailed down, which totally helped me learn to surf and paddleboard the waves.


Reason 3.  Endurance

I will always remember my first big paddleboard race. I felt like I was about to give up the ghost and die. Every muscle fiber in my body was pounding to get my paddleboard to move. What was my problem? Well there were two. First I am going to go ahead and blame my gear. I was using a paddle a bit too short, and the board I was supporting was a demo board that I only used during the race. You might be able to guess my second problem: I didn’t prepare. Like at all. I paddled the course with my paddleboard ahead of time, but I didn’t do any type of endurance training. That’s where the Kahuna Stick comes in. If you’re anything like me, you can’t get to the water every day. BUT concrete isn’t hard to find. Land Paddle for a few miles as hard as you can, and watch your endurance shine. Work yourself as often as possible, and you’ll be crushing it on a stand-up paddleboard.


Photo: World SUP Champion Tom Ameije
Kahuna Creations Board Rider

This is my take on how Land Paddling helps you stand-up paddleboard. Both are killer sports that make you feel free. Whenever you step on a board, all your worries seem to melt away. Endorphins kick in as you’re getting your workout, and you experience the ultimate thrill of board riding.

Reason 4.  Fun!!

Land Paddling is so fun! Either way... riding by yourself or riding with family or friends, its a great way to get out and have a blast!

"There is something about board riding. When you ride, all your troubles vanish. Your mind and soul, for an instant, connect with something sacred. Our goal is to give everyone, of all ages, that feeling…Once you get it, no one can ever take it away."

Steve McBride, Founded Kahuna Creations in 2004

Written By Kahuna Creations Team Rider and Cory McBride, MBA



  • Francois Figeac

    Evey thing you say is true. I just went through a nasty divorce. I have been wanting to get a land paddle board ever since I tried it. Two of my friends love your stuff. I went a year with out doing nothing. My son broght home a long board he pulled out of a pond. With some tlc I brought it back to life. I made my own land paddle. What joy it brings to my life. Now I just need to save up and get one of your land paddles. Do you give veteran discounts? Or do you sell returned items? I’m a single parent with 3 teen age boys. Thank you.

  • Mike Zink

    I’ve been paddle boarding for over 3 years but just started land paddling a week ago. I absolutely love it and it is a great workout at the same time! I can already tell it is great cross-trading for SUP. Love that I can do it everyday and during the off season winter months when I can’t get on the water.

  • Fred Centrella

    I said it before and I will repeat myself as often as necessary. I love land paddling. I’m losing weight and I’m getting into the best shape of my 69 years on planet Earth; blood pressure is down, energy is up and Cory is so right: your troubles vanish while you’re on the board and somehow they just aren’t so bad when you get off at the end of the ride. I’ll be riding forever!

  • Susan Ballenger

    Great article, thanks! I couldn’t agree with you more.

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