Newsletter August and September 2014

Kahuna Board Riders,

School is back in session and fall is just around the corner. At Kahuna Creations we are soaking up the warm sun and getting our hoodies ready for beautiful fall rides. As the water starts to get colder, it's a perfect time to grab your Kahuna SUP style longboard and Kahuna Stick and enjoy a long land paddling session in the fall leaves. Spread the love and ride on!

Shaka Attack Warning: 

The New Shaka Surf™ is Here! We released the new Shaka Surf™ SUP style longboard this past month honoring the true Aloha Hawaiian Spirit. The ancient Hawaiian Pohaku petroglyphs are expertly woven into the motif, spreading the love of the Hawaiians. Master Board Shaper and artist, David Ray Gould, created the perfect board for both carving and land paddling!

Longboarding will never be the same after you unleash the Shaka. You will experience a true surf feel as you carve down the streets. The Shaka allows you to ride surf style and cross over to SUP style and land paddle!

The Shaka Surf™ is the third member of the Shaka family. Demand for this board has been off the charts, we're excited that everyone is loving the Shaka. 

Outdoor Retailer Show

Kahuna Creations was a big hit at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer show held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kahuna Creations was the buzz of the Show making several appearances in the show's highlight videos.

Retailers from Hawaii all the way to Isreal were stoked to get Kahuna Creations longboards and land paddles in their stores. And like always, everyone LOVED our boards and paddles!


Kahuna Pic of the Day

People are spreading the love and posting pictures from all over the world of our longboards and kahuna sticks. We are now highlighting a picture everyday from the Kahuna family! These pictures will be posted everyday to facebook with a shout out to the rider that posted it.Kahuna Pic of the Day We choose one fan picture a day from either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and highlight that rider on all our social media channels.


Post your pictures here:



ABC 7 News Fitness | Los Angeles

Kahuna Creations and the sport of land paddling was highlighted on ABC 7 News Fitness in Los Angeles, California. Field reporter Lori Corbin decided to experience first hand why so many people are choosing land paddling as their preferred fitness program.

Meeting at Maui and Sons skate shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk, we explained the company's origins, fitness benefits, SUP cross training function, and how much fun our riders have.  

After the interviews Lori got on a board herself and filmed our weekly riders as they paddled around the boardwalk. 

It was so much fun to teach Lori who took to land paddling like a natural. After Lori finished up the piece we paddled off into the sunset for our weekly ride!


Outrigger Love for Land Paddling

The California outrigger community has been spreading the Kahuna love, inviting us to event after event where we introduce land paddling to the ocean paddlers. Members of this community are using land paddling as a cross-training for SUP paddleboarding and all rowing sports.

Outrigger Land Paddling Event  

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