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Attention: Kahuna Creations Followers!

Kahuna Creations is proud to announce our new, incredible Seeker Drop Deck! Hand painted by world famous Hawaiian artist Dennis Mathewson!

May  2016—Kahuna Creations Inc. ( has created yet another awe-inspiring long board.  We are honored to work with master-artist, Dennis Mathewson from Honolulu, Hawaii. Mathewson's artwork is debuted on the ever popular Kahuna Creations drop deck featuring his incredible  "Seeker"  masterpiece.  The release of this new longboard will be the first in a series of new designs for Kahuna Creations. This along with all longboards sold by Kahuna Creations are made in the United States in San Diego. 

“It has been an honor to work with such a renowned artist like Dennis,” said Steve McBride, CEO and Founder of Kahuna Creations. “Incorporating his art with our boards is the culminating event thus far in our history. It brings us a bit closer to our vision of honoring the Hawaiians who started board riding 100’s of years ago,” said McBride.

The longboarding community can expect to be enthralled by the intricate and breathtaking art work of the board. They will also be surprised by the maneuverability of the unique drop deck design.

“With Kahuna Creations using my artwork, my images will be seen in the outdoors on the streets as well as fine art galleries,” said Mathewson. “My work initially started on projects like motorcycles and automobiles, so it is exciting to see it displayed outdoors once again,” said Mathewson.

When asked concerning the inspiration for the artwork of Seeker Mathewson responded with the following: "For years, I tried to capture a photo of a free swimming octopus, with little success. Face it, when this creature is in the open water it becomes bait to many predators. My good friend, Gary Simons, a dive instructor and captain on the big island provided me with a reference photo he captured from a dive. Although the photos was out of focus, I was able to recreate Seeker from this reference. I see Seeker as an octopus seeking refuge from the dangers of the open water. 

The Seeker drop deck is available now! The board is MSRP @ $249.99

About Kahuna Creations Inc.
Kahuna Creations pays respect, honor, tribute and love for the Hawaiians who introduced board riding to the world hundreds of years ago. Kahuna Creations® has been delivering master-crafted longboards made in San Diego, USA since 2004. Our board designers weave the Hawaiian spirit throughout the product line. Each product is truly a timeless classic. KCI products are of the highest quality. The products are meant to be enjoyed for years with proper maintenance. Boards are assembled by Kahuna Creations riders who are familiar with the best board riding products in the world. For more information, visit our website

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