Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick - Wave w/ Pro Grip
Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick - Wave w/ Pro Grip
Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick - Wave w/ Pro Grip

Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick - Wave w/ Pro Grip

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Kahuna Creations is proud to introduce the new Adjustable Kahuna Stick - Wave with Pro Grip attachment!  

The Kahuna Adjustable Land Paddle is the culmination of 12 years of development. US Patent No: 8,636,306 B2   

Land Paddling is Kahuna's most fearless innovation for no-limits longboarding. Riders use the Kahuna Big Stick to lean into intense downhill turns, or as a land paddle for cross country longboarding and an excellent work out.

Adjustable Kahuna Big Stick Innovations:

  • New, stronger, solid shaft designed with a flat-ridge side, which delivers stronger  performance as well as a more comfortable grip.  
  • Bigger, ultra-durable machined buttons for easier height adjustment.
  • Pre-Installed with New Pro Grip attachment.
  • Ergonomic handle forms perfectly to your hand.
  • Adjusts from 4'5" to 6'

New Pro Grip Attachment Features:

  • The New Pro Grip attachment has a great ergonomic road feel while paddling. 
  • Engineered with New Ballistic Polycarbonate Compound for lightweight strength.
  • Pro Grips are designed with an incredible vulcanized rubber, which delivers both solid, soft feel and durability.
  • The Pro Grips can be pulled off and rotated if flat spots ever develop.


Kahuna Big Stick Sizing:

To size a Kahuna Big Stick, you want the handle of the stick to be between your chin and top of your forehead, while standing on a longboard. For most longboards the rider is going to about 3-4 in or 7.5-10.25 cm taller while standing on the longboard. Kahuna Creations longboard heights are listed in the description for each longboard.

EX: If a rider is 69 in (5’9”) or 175.25 cm standing on the ground, and their longboard is 3 in or 7.5 cm high, they will be about 72 in (6 ft) or 183 cm standing on the longboard.