Tati Coco



I am from the southern Spain but I travel a lot and have lived in many countries.


Hummm, 33 years old


I am a language teacher but I am also a kind of explorer.


Time riding Kahuna Creations
I have been riding Kahuna for two years.


Kahuna Creations products
I have a Bombora and the Kahuna Stick, but I ride all of them, and I love the Black Wave.


Favorite place to ride
I have no favorite place; I just love to ride anywhere and discover new spots.


Fun fact
After learning to ride I had to go to the hospital for a wrist surgery and couldn't do any sports for seven months. A lot of  people told me that skating  was  not for me but for teenagers, but I overcame all that and learned to ride and do some little tricks. I am expecting to do more with time and perseverance.