ReNee Ciao

Taipei, Taiwan


Department store sales

Time riding Kahuna Creations

Three months

Kahuna Creations products 
Pohaku Wahine Rider 48"

Favorite place to ride
 Dajia Riverside Park, ride on the streets and in the city everywhere!

Fun fact
 I started with SUP in the beginning, and I ride longboards to help me have more fun with SUP! I can't swim at all, but I love surfing, and now I can't surf in the winter because Taiwan is too cold! Finally I met Kahuna! I can ride on the streets anytime anywhere!
 I remembered one day I really wanted to go skateboarding cuz i just got my first board, but sadly it was a rainy day. I kept wondering where I could go in such a bad weather, and when I was just about to give up thinking, my friend suggested that we could go skateboarding on the footbridge. It was so fun, and we could enjoy the sport without getting wet. Now when I recall that day, I think I totally lost my mind then cuz the footbridge is high above from the road, and I could have probably caused a car accident if I dropped my board from that bridge.