Alan Taylor



Southport, UK

Old enough to know better

Land lord
Sup instructor
Sup north director
Franchise owner
DAD.....biggest job ever :-D

Time riding Kahuna Creations
18 months

Kahuna Creations products
All of them.... Faves are the black wave, Shaka, Bombora and Beach Board er... That's a lot of boards oh and the Adjustable Haka Kahuna Stick for ease and the Bamboo Kahuna Stick for silky smooth feel.

Fave place to ride
Southport Victorian pier - the longest board walk ever!

Fun fact
I filmed two separate TV shows in one week. One was The dare devil where I kissed three ugly fish. The other was Keep it in the Family, where I did an illusion wearing a dress :-s. I won a years supply of sausages :-/