DECK ONLY Pohaku Kakau 41"

DECK ONLY Pohaku Kakau 41"

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Pohaku Kakau DECK ONLY - No trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

The Kahuna Creations' Pohaku Kakau 46" is designed as our most fun and playful cruiser longboard for everyone! The shape and style feature a sweet mild taco concave shape that flattens towards the pin tail. The longboard also has a slight convex to it, to add some flex when standing on the longboard. The shape also features a flexy, fun ride that is perfect to ride anywhere. This longboard is great for anyone that just wants to cruise and have a good time with a sweet shape and tribal graphics.

Pohaku means "Rock/Stone" in Hawaiian.

Kakau means "Write" in Hawaiian.

  • 41" Long X 10" Wide
  • Weight 7 LBS
  • Maple 8 Ply
  • Silicon Sand Grip
  • Concaved board shape that flattens out on the tail for optimal control
**260 pound max recommended weight**

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