DECK ONLY  Bombora 59" - Brown

DECK ONLY Bombora 59" - Brown

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Bombora Brown DECK ONLY - No trucks, wheels, bearings or hardware.

The Kahuna Bombora Longboards are probably the funnest, most surfy feeling board on the planet. At just under 5' long, this 59" hand painted classic is the ultimate SUP for the land board. Built specifically for everything Land Paddle, Street SUP, and Street Surf related.

We don't put any grip on top of this board. The natural feel of the board is so awesome. You can walk up and down the board with ease.

Each Bombora Longboard is hand painted with love.  You'll likely see some small beautiful imperfections because of how we make these vintage boards.  The Bomboras are beloved by Kahuna Boardriders worldwide.


Deck Specs:

Length: 59"
Width: 14"
Wheelbase: 41"
Wood: 15 ply Baltic Birch


Deep, wide wheel wells to eliminate wheel bite.
Stable, surf shape that is crazy fun to ride (perfect for Surf or SUP style riding).
Ideal for stand-up paddle cross training.
No grip tape on this sweet setup to allow smooth board walking and get that beachy soul riding feeling.
400 pound recommended weight limit

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