Kahuna Snow Grip™ Replacement (For Snowboarding!)

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Take your snowboarding to the next level. Convert your land paddle to a snow paddle by simply replacing the Road Blade with the Kahuna Snow Grip.

The Kahuna Snow Grip can be used on all Kahuna Big Sticks. Simply unscrew the bolts, remove the Road Blade, and use the same bolts to put on the Snow Grip™. With this setup, you'll be able to use your Kahuna Big Stick all year round.  

We worked with a team of incredible engineers to create the perfect Kahuna Snow Grip™. It lets you get solid speed on completely flat terrain and paddle through even the worse snow conditions. The grip is composed of Ballistic Polycarbonate (super light and durable), certified to perform to -50 °F. It took a lot of time and trials to get it right, but we're sure you will agree we nailed this one.

We are stoked to see this completely new sport come to life. We were shocked by how fun it actually is. There's something amazing about taking the thrill of stand-up paddleboarding to the mountains.

Installation Note For Placement On New Magma and Hydro Big Sticks:

  • Installation is a TIGHT fit.  We suggest using a soft mallet to hit the Snow Blade on to the shaft.  The Snow Blade will probably separate while installing. However, once the nuts/bolts are secure, the blade will reconnect.  


Kahuna Snow Grip:

  • Ride faster on flats
  • Get deeper carves
  • XC snowboarding
  • Keep newbies from falling
  • Get a whole new steez in terrain parks

*Snow Grip replacement does not come with nuts and bolts.