All Longboards

Handmade in San Diego, California, each Kahuna Longboard is special.  From the fine artwork, their shape, and above all - the way they ride that isn't found anywhere else. Enjoy a large selection of longboards including drop decks, pin tails, flexy beach boards, cruisers and SUP longboard skateboards, all perfected with the feel and smoothness you’ll come to expect and crave from any Kahuna longboard.  You can't go wrong with any of these boards that catch your eye. Nothing but the best hardware is included with each Kahuna Longboard: Genuine Kahuna Creations Wide Wheels (high quality perfection made in California), Bear Grizzley Trucks, and the sweetest riding ABEC 7 bearings (not all bearings are alike, these are sweet).  Whether you are a young keiki or in your sunset years, you'll love your Kahuna Longboard!